Let’s Be Clear – Barry M

One of the many jobs I do is present for an online casino, there a lot’s of different shift patterns varying from a normal 9am-5pm (The Dolly Parton Shift) to a 10pm-6am over night (The Bat Shift).

Whichever shift, one thing’s for sure, you want your lipstick to stay in place for the duration.

I’m a big fan of a classic red lip and red is one of the colours that tends to be most noticeable when it feathers so when I popped in to Superdrug before work last night (I was on the 8pm-4am shift) and found that Barry M had brought out a new product, the Let’s Be Clear lip fixer pencil, I had to try it.


Let’s Be Clear – £3.99



Just about to go on air, red lips (also Barry M) outlined with Let’s Be Clear

lips2 Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint in Little Vixen – £4.49



Break Time. lipstick still in tact, no feathering.



I know it seems a strange time to eat lunch but working a night shift I’m technically nocturnal. I applied a fresh coat of lipstuck after eating a quorn chicken salad but didn’t have to adjust the liner.



A little shiny from standing under studio lights but my lipstick hasn’t feathered at all.

I will never go without this product in my make-up bag again and not only does it really work, all of Barry M’s products are cruelty free with no ingredients tested on animals at any stage.



Wakey Wakey, Rise & Sparkle


Remember the days before mobile phone alarms and snooze buttons? No? Me neither. How much time do you waste pressing snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning? I know I’ve been guilty of pressing snooze for up to an hour before, especially on cold, dark  Winter mornings when getting out of bed just isn’t appealing.

Snoozing isn’t actually beneficial, with 10 minute snooze cycles, you don’t have long enough to fall back in to a deep and restful sleep before your alarm is ringing again and this just confuses your brain and body so even though you may have spent extra time in bed, you can end up feeling more tired.

I’ve made a pact with myself as of this month to ditch the snooze button and get up as soon as my alarm goes off, it’s Summer now too (debatably with the weather we’ve been having) so there’s no excuses.

One way to make it easier is to keep your alarm away from your bed so that you actually physically have to get out of bed in order to stop the ringing.

Try it and see how much more energy you’ll have and how much more productive you can be.