When people ask me what I do, it’s hard to give a simple answer. I do a lot of things, yes I’m an actress now and I mainly work within the horror genre so I guess you could call me a Scream Princess (I’m not old enough to be crowned Queen) but before I trained at drama school I was a glamour model and before that I was fashion student that moonlighted as a showgirl (those childhood ballet classes came in handy and ensured I wasn’t a poor student) and before that a beauty school drop out (actually that’s not strictly true, I did pass my first year so I am a qualified beauty specialist, I just didn’t go back for the second year)

So the answer I give to the above question is actress, model, presenter, writer, producer, unicorn and now blogger.

Why Blood, Sweat & Glitter? Well I think that most of what I do usually fits in to one of those categories so the name of my blog was born.


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