Teeze & Tone

A good few years ago, in fact probably 10 years ago back when I was at the height of my glamour modelling career, I presented a little show called ‘Babe Aerobics’ it was basically a couple of episodes that played on loop on TV during the day and it’s never failed to amaze me the amount of people over the years who have asked me if I’m ever going to do any more . . .

Well it might have taken my 10 years to come up with the goods but I’d like to announce a new era of Dani Fitness!

The videos were actually meant to be available right at the beginning of the month ready for everyone setting their new years fitness goals but due to some pesky technical hitches on amazons part they’ve gone live today.

The videos themselves consist of quick workouts with warm ups and cool downs designed to fit in to your day easily and can easily be done at home as I know not everybody has time to get to the gym every day, if you don’t have a kettle bell or any weights, use a tin of soup from your cupboard. No excuses!

So are you ready to Teeze & Tone with my Glamour Workout? Well come on then, Let’s get physical!

Vol 1 amazon.co.uk/…r-Workout-Vol/dp/B0792LPP6C

Vol 2 amazon.co.uk/dp/B0792NZQBQ

Vol 3 amazon.co.uk/dp/B0792Q39R5

Vol 4 amazon.co.uk/dp/B0792PML47


Wakey Wakey, Rise & Sparkle


Remember the days before mobile phone alarms and snooze buttons? No? Me neither. How much time do you waste pressing snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning? I know I’ve been guilty of pressing snooze for up to an hour before, especially on cold, dark  Winter mornings when getting out of bed just isn’t appealing.

Snoozing isn’t actually beneficial, with 10 minute snooze cycles, you don’t have long enough to fall back in to a deep and restful sleep before your alarm is ringing again and this just confuses your brain and body so even though you may have spent extra time in bed, you can end up feeling more tired.

I’ve made a pact with myself as of this month to ditch the snooze button and get up as soon as my alarm goes off, it’s Summer now too (debatably with the weather we’ve been having) so there’s no excuses.

One way to make it easier is to keep your alarm away from your bed so that you actually physically have to get out of bed in order to stop the ringing.

Try it and see how much more energy you’ll have and how much more productive you can be.